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Uncover machine and production data to reduce downtime + increase yield each and every shift—in as few as 3 weeks

The Industry 4.0 solution, Pocket Factory unlocks the power of IIoT to anticipate problems so you can optimize yield and fulfill promises to both upstream and downstream partners and customers.
We've helped our beverage partners achieve
Lower maintenance costs
Reduction in yield loss
Less energy consumption
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Monitoring & Predictive
Maintenance that pays for itself
Every plant knows they need predictive maintenance, but struggles to justify cost and lost time due to implementation.

By using your existing machines to determine the right combination of software and hardware, you can reach ROI in just a few weeks.
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Resource management that supports your sustainability goals
Sustainability and resource management are table-stakes for both businesses and consumers, but true progress towards these initiatives can be hard to evaluate.

Pocket Factory allows you to optimize raw-material usage and easily/accurately report out on ESG standards.
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KPI mapping that fits your unique manufacturing needs
KPI mapping that fits your unique manufacturing needs
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Quality production line data you can actually trust
Quality production line data you can actually trust
About the Platform
Connect your plant floor through trustworthy data,
custom reporting, and responsive alerting.
The Pocket Factory platform is a flexible framework that can easily scale across industries, OEMs, and can even power custom use-cases.

With a strong focus in data quality, Pocket Factory provides trustworthy, actionable solutions to whatever problems your plant is facing.
Multi-Line Solution
View all of your machines and lines in a single platform, so you know what’s happening across all your production lines.
Notifications + Alerts
Be automatically notified by predefined limit values are exceeded, allowing for quick response to potential problems.
Data Integration
Easily integrate data from Pocket Factory into existing BI tooling with bi-directional data-exchange through SAP.
Real-time + Historical Operational Reporting
Analyze both real-time and historic data—your data is stored in perpetuity—through custom dashboards and trend-charting.
Rule + Condition-based Logic
Build personalized data + operational rules and conditions for every machine, component, and subcomponent on your lines.
Dashboard + Line Configuration Tools
Easily build your own line and dashboard implementations without the need for engineering or developer support.
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Data Quality

Pocket Factory’s proprietary algorithms allow for data validation checkpoints, ensuring the data you are looking at is reliable and accurate. In today’s world, the real operational pain is about not trusting the data you do have.

Our Data Algorithm...

  • Conducts initial acceptance testing
  • Continuously monitors and validates all data streams
  • Alerts users to less-trustworthy data points + results

Data cleanliness and sanitation are baked into Pocket Factory at every step, alerting you to suspect data and reporting on trusted inputs.

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I recommend Pocket Factory to whoever will listen! Onboarding and integration was quick and effective, plus they are fair, friendly, and innovation-focused.
Maintenance Manager at Global Beverage Company
Learn how Pocket Factory helped this global beverage company prolong part lifecycles and predict unexpected failures, increasing uptime by 3-5% per plant and saving them €48k per filling machine per year.
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