Pocket Factory
Comprehensive Industry 4.0 Services For Your Factory
Quantis, the company behind Pocket Factory, is a trusted partner throughout the beverage industry. The Quantis team provides a comprehensive suite of services; from hardware implementation to edge computing, factory acceptance testing, and custom use case development, they enable beverage manufacturers to harness their full potential and achieve exceptional results.
Hardware Implementation + Edge Computing Services
Quantis excels in seamlessly integrating and validating sensors and edge devices into the manufacturing process, ensuring efficiency and reliability. If needed the Quantis team will install and configure any new hardware.
Factory Acceptance Testing
Quantis conducts comprehensive factory acceptance testing for Pocket Factory clients. The team’s OEM-agnostic evaluation guarantees unbiased results, providing clients with reliable and consistent production outcomes.
Custom Use Case Development
Quantis understand the needs of beverage manufacturers are not one-size-fits-all, and offers custom use case development for clients. Through close collaboration, Quantis designs tailored solutions that integrate seamlessly with Pocket Factory, optimizing manufacturing and addressing unique challenges, ultimately improving productivity.
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I recommend Pocket Factory to whoever will listen! Onboarding and integration was quick and effective, plus they are fair, friendly, and innovation-focused.
Maintenance Manager at Global Beverage Company
Learn how Pocket Factory helped this global beverage company prolong part lifecycles and predict unexpected failures, increasing uptime by 3-5% per plant and saving them €48k per filling machine per year.
At Quantis, our team is comprised of a diverse group of manufacturing engineers, data scientists, and technologists, bringing together decades of experience in delivering technology and analytics solutions to beverage manufacturers. With a presence in the United States, Europe, and Africa, we are well-equipped to serve manufacturers across the globe. Our expertise allows us to navigate the complex manufacturing landscape, staying at the forefront of emerging beverage trends and using the full potential of data-driven insights. 

With Quantis as your trusted partner, you can unlock hidden value, optimize production, and drive innovation–even in your oldest production lines.
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